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ITI NewsBreaks Cover Apple Ebook Trial

Have you been following the Apple ebook price-fixing trial that has been going on the during the past couple of weeks? The trial is scheduled to end tomorrow, June 20.

Two ITI NewsBreaks authors covered the trial in this week’s NewsLink. Check out the articles!

Apple Ebook Price-Fixing Trial Underway

by George H. Pike

The long-awaited antitrust lawsuit against Apple and its ebook practices opened in federal court on June 3. The first week of the trial was highlighted by an 80-slide PowerPoint presentation by the government outlining its case against Apple, along with testimony from senior executives from Google, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group, and Amazon.

Apple Gambles on Winning Ebook Antitrust Suit

by Nancy K. Herther

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) came out swinging in its opening statement of its antitrust suit against Apple. In the past year, all of the publishers settled with the DOJ, ending their involvement in the case. Apple, however, has chosen to fight the charges in court.

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