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Now in the Pipeline –The New Digital Scholar

I’m excited about this book, the brainchild of editors Randall McClure and Jim Purdy (with great support from ASIST series editor Sam Hastings). And I like the cover by one of ITI’s best designers, Lisa Conroy.

This title is just starting on its journey here. The ms has been accepted, but publication is many months off.

Please, be honest: what do you think of the whole package–title/subtitle and cover design? Do we have a winner here or is it just my imagination? (Does the presentation make you want to know more? Will anyone buy it?)

I’m away on vacation starting next week, but when I get back my intention is to start using the books blog to share this kind of early pipeline info–if you’re interested. (I want feedback!)

Wish me luck in the north woods.

The New Digital Scholar

The New Digital Scholar


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