Marketing Library Services

20 Years of Work on Marketing Library Services [MLS]

In honor of her 20 years of being in the trenches, Kathy provides 20 reasons why you should subscribe to MLS on her blog. She’s even offering a special rate for personal subscriptions at$69.95 for one year. That’s 30% off the regular price!

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Ed-Tech Book Deserves to Be Widely Read

“ET/GV” includes a number of practical, insightful articles on various gizmos (like iPads) that can make a difference, but for me what makes it crazy good–and important reading for a wide swath of engaged adults–are the real stories (can we please not call them case studies?) of teachers who are inspiring their students to help […]

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Michael L. Gruenberg Talks About What Inspired Him to Write “Buying and Selling Information”

Michael Gruenberg talks about what inspired him to write his book, Buying and Selling Information: A Guide for Information Professionals and Salespeople to Build Mutual Success.

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This is nitty-gritty stuff — and it’s really cool!

We just put out a news release on Mike Gruenberg’s new ITI book, Buying and Selling Information. It’s the first time I can recall our ever working with an author on the vendor side of the information equation. And it’ll be the last. (Just kidding, Mike — I really do want to hear about your novel.) … but […]

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