Review of The Cybrarian’s Web

Here is an excellent review of The Cybrarian’s Web that ran in the Caribbean Library Journal. Key point: This text provides an interesting beginner’s guide for practical applications of Web 2.0 tools in libraries and it allows the reader to discover a vast amount of resources that are unknown and can be important for libraries in this technology driven […]

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CPD during Carnival

The Scintillatin’ Cybrarian

I am always giddy as a schoolgirl when a new Information Today book debuts, and never more so than when the author is the remarkable Cheryl Ann Peltier-Davis — the “scintillatin’ cybrarian” of the post title. Those of you who know Cheryl are aware of her seemingly boundless enthusiasm for social media tools and apps that can be used […]

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Amy Affelt Edison NJ 3.31.15

The Day the Data Scientist Came To Town

I had the great pleasure last Tuesday of seeing one of ITI’s newest authors, Amy Affelt–she of The Accidental Data Scientist fame–when she came to New Jersey at the invitation of NJ SLA to receive the Alice Rankin Award and give a talk (they call it a “lecture”) on the topic of emerging tech trends and the role of librarians. […]

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The Accidental Indexer

Praise the book and pass the kohlrabi

Nan Badgett makes a great case for the indexing life in her new book, The Accidental Indexer. That’s not to say she doesn’t point out the perils, pitfalls, and personal suitability issues that anyone should weigh before diving into a career in freelance indexing–she does, unequivocally–but after spending the last several months living and breathing this text I’m thinking my next […]

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