Marketing in Libraries: Yes, It’s Up to You!

When you hear the word “marketing” do you throw up your hands and walk away, because marketing is for advertising companies and not for librarians? I beg to differ!

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Are Librarians Loners? Some Stereotypes Die a Slow Death

Here’s an example of why we need to be vigilant about how we are perceived–because if we aren’t, and we don’t keep educating people about who we are and what we do, then people like Daniel Bukszpan of CNBC will. And we can’t have that!

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A Librarian’s Perspective: Pop Culture’s View is Still Relevant

Recently, Karen Glover wrote a great Backtalk article chock-full of pop culture and librarianan for Library Journal, titled “What Popular Culture is Telling Us About Libraries and Why We Should Listen.”

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Information Today Holiday Book Sale

Information Today Inc is offering a 33% discount on its already discounted web order books.

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