Fourth Ed, 2013

The Extreme Searcher Rides Again…?

ITI has just published the 4th edition of Ran Hock’s terrific book, The Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook:  A Guide for the Serious Searcher. Publication of Ran’s handbook is always a cause for celebration around here–in part because “the Extreme Searcher” is one of our favorite people, but also because the book always gives us a […]

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True Crime Online

The Making of a Cybercrime Expert

Today I’d like to introduce myself and how I became a true crime writer: I’m Jayne Hitchcock and back in 1996, when the Internet was in its infancy, I got involved in a cyberstalking situation, where I was the victim. Because of what was happening with me, I co-founded Working to Halt Online Abuse and Maryland, […]

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Library Mashups

Penguin Classics and dkimages APIs

Library Mashups fans might be interested in the latest APIs from Pearson: Penguin Classics API includes works by Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, and the Brontë sisters – enabling developers to build new apps from the work of renowned authors dkimages API makes the professional collection of over 90,000 images accessible for developers to search, browse […]

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Everyone Plays at the Library

Using Gamification to Enhance the Library Experience

The idea behind meaningful gamification is to use game design elements to help a participant discover a personal connection to a real-world setting.

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