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Irene E. McDermott is a librarian at Crowell Public Library in San Marino, California. Her new book, The Internet Book of Life, came out last year and is published in print and ePub format. The second edition of her first book, Librarians’ Internet Survival Guide, was published in 2006. Her column, “Internet Express,” appears monthly in Searcher magazine. McDermott lives with her teenage son in Pasadena, California.

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Bogus Information on the Web Can Be Dangerous

As seasoned information professionals, we can sense them from a mile off: those bogus or misleading web sites which line the bottom of the internet like lees in a wine barrel.

We try to teach our clients and patrons how to discern the quality of sites on the web by using the five criteria of reliability and validity. The first is authority: what are the author’s credentials? We know that this can sometimes be determined by the suffix on the URL. For example, collegiate websites end in .edu; .org stands for non-profit organization. Governmental sites end in .gov; commercial web sites are capped by .com. Commercial sites exist to sell something. That is fine if you are trying to buy something, but otherwise, beware. Continue Reading →

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Modern Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn

The Kitchn, a daughter blog of Apartment Therapy, was founded in 2006 by Maxwell and Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan. Visit this site to get ideas for cooking, sure, but also find tips for cleaning and organizing your cooking space. The Housekeeping and Cleaning section offers advice for the modern kitchen, including techniques for sanitizing sponges and cutting boards. Follow The Kitchn on Twitter (@thekitchn), Facebook and Pinterest.
For more tips about getting the most out of the internet, visit my blog.

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