Big Data Librarians Have Landed

We published a pretty special book this week – Amy Affelt’s The Accidental Data Scientist: Big Data Applications and Opportunities for Librarians and Information Professionals. I had a good feeling about this project from the start, and sure enough, before there was even a webpage or a catalog listing for the book, people were calling and emailing to ask when it was going to be available.


(I’m not sure where they heard about it, but apparently they all needed it right away.)

Well, now the book is available (at a reduced price for another week or so) and I predict it will be our most in-demand title of 2015. Hats off to Amy Affelt who did everything right – even blowing her editor’s mind by delivering her manuscript early. (Like THAT ever happens!)

Most importantly, Amy brings a perfect mix of passion and knowledge to her Big Data manifesto for librarians. She is determined to see her peers take their rightful seat at the Big Data table, plus she knows where the table is and how to get the intimidating guy in the suit to stop scowling and pull a chair out for you.

For those who want to know more, we issued a press release on Monday, and if you have some time to inspect the particulars, download the pdf sampler which includes the book’s Table of Contents,  Introduction, Chapter 1, and an author bio. (Don’t miss the bonus headshot of our photogenic “celebrity” author.)

Amy Affelt has done something important in writing this book. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do for an encore.

About John Bryans

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