Ed-Tech Book Deserves to Be Widely Read

I could not be more excited or honored than to have worked with editors Les Lloyd and Gabriel Barreneche on Educational Technology for the Global Village, coming soon from ITI. Thanks to a number of outstanding contributors who shared their knowledge and experience, this relatively slim 200-page book succeeds brilliantly in informing and inspiring us in regard to how technology can and is being used to uplift resource-deficient schools and communities all over the world.


“ET/GV” includes a number of practical, insightful articles on various gizmos (like iPads) that can make a difference, but for me what makes it crazy good–and important reading for a wide swath of engaged adults–are the real stories (can we please not call them case studies?) of teachers who are inspiring their students to help less-advantaged children in ways that will have a huge and lasting impact not just on the recipients but on those doing the giving. The service-learners.

(I hadn’t a clue about service-learning until Les and Gabriel explained it to me. And I have to wonder: where were these programs when I was in school? Service-learning is a no-brainer–everyone wins!)

The incredible learning programs you will read about in ET/GV, in other words, not only benefit disadvantaged schools and communities around the world, but instill in our students a lifelong passion for volunteerism. Yes, the projects all hinge on “technology,” but it’s the intersection between the technology and the humanity of the youthful protagonists in these stories that makes Educational Technology for the Global Village a book you’ll want to read, pass along, and talk about. To read it is to want to become a more active global citizen, and I’m willing to bet you’ll end up sharing its message with the educators and young people in your life. 

So there’s a ToC, Introduction, and sample chapter available on the book’s webpage. Whatever you do don’t miss the part about how students from Rollins College in Florida went to San Miguel de Allende to teach Mexican schoolchildren basic computer skills. That’s what I’m talking about. And, then, if you feel so inspired, order the book while it’s still available at the 40% preorder discount. (The offer ends on April 28 when the book makes its debut.)

Congrats to Les Lloyd and Gabriel Barreneche and their marvelous contributors. Educational Technology for the Global Village is a winner!




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