This is nitty-gritty stuff — and it’s really cool!

buying-selling-info-cover-smallWe just put out a news release on Mike Gruenberg’s new ITI book, Buying and Selling InformationIt’s the first time I can recall our ever working with an author on the vendor side of the information equation. And it’ll be the last. (Just kidding, Mike — I really do want to hear about your novel.) … but seriously, while the book does get into some nitty-gritty issues it isn’t a recitation of dry facts or a Big Database Company whitewash job  — far from it. It’s a very personal, interesting, and I might even say profound discussion of how relationships are successfully developed, nurtured, and built to last.

And, uniquely, the relationships in question are those between info pro and sales rep — you know, those on the opposite side of the table when a library database is being discussed, then (hopefully) bought and sold. Mike has done a superb job in his coverage of the topic, and he even includes an awesome little musical tidbit to open each chapter. (It seems Mike is almost as nuts about music as I am. I knew there was something I liked about that guy!)

Please join me in congratulating this legendary sales rep who has now joined the ranks of published authors, and if you think of anyone who might appreciate Buying and Selling Information, let ‘em know we have plenty of copies to sell at a discount, and free shipping, to boot. (It’s also available as an ebook.)

If anyone is interested, I’ll post two early cover mock-ups. They are whimsical and I really loved them, but was browbeaten by parties who shall remain nameless into approving the more “authoritative” design you see here. (Let me know if you want to see these because at least one person’s got to care…)

Onward and Upward!