The New Digital Scholar is here!

Front cover

Front cover

I am extremely excited about this new book, which is superbly edited by Randall McClure and James P. Purdy.

The New Digital Scholar will be published March 13, but advance copies have already arrived in Medford NJ. I’ve been talking it up for months; of course, nobody cares what I say, and rightly so! — we’ve got to get educators, school administrators, and librarians (academic and public) to take notice and spread the word.

In fact, I’m convinced the potential readership is quite broad, but it’s a bit of a new target market for us and I’m concerned that we may miss the boat.

There’s quite a bit of info about the book here:

Anyone interested in reading The New Digital Scholar with an eye toward writing/posting a short review for Amazon,  B&N, Goodreads, or elsewhere need only drop me a line and I will get a gratis copy on its way to you — while our stock of promotional copies lasts. [PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SNAILMAIL ADDRESS UNLESS YOU PREFER TO READ IT DIGITALLY]

Rob Colding and I will also appreciate any suggestions of influencers we might reach out to — people who are in a position to raise the book’s profile. (Maybe it’s you???)

Thanks in advance for input. And to editors Randall McClure and Jim Purdy and their stellar cast of contributors, congrats on a job well done!

Long live The New Digital Scholar!!!

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