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Wishing You Peace and Happiness

To all our friends, everywhere around the world … to those we know and those we hope to meet … we send warm thoughts and wishes for the holiday season and throughout the New Year!

book tree

Design and photo of the book tree by Shelley Szajner

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Review of The Cybrarian’s Web

Here is an excellent review of The Cybrarian’s Web that ran in the Caribbean Library Journal.

Key point:

This text provides an interesting beginner’s guide for practical applications of Web 2.0 tools in libraries and it allows the reader to discover a vast amount of resources that are unknown and can be important for libraries in this technology driven age.

You can read the full review here. [PDF]


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CPD during Carnival

The Scintillatin’ Cybrarian

I am always giddy as a schoolgirl when a new Information Today book debuts, and never more so than when the author is the remarkable Cheryl Ann Peltier-Davis — the “scintillatin’ cybrarian” of the post title.

CPD fb profile picThose of you who know Cheryl are aware of her seemingly boundless enthusiasm for social media tools and apps that can be used to innovate and improve library services and make the world a better, more interesting place.

There’s a fascinating back story here. Shortly after co-editing an award-winning book about Caribbean libraries with Shamin Renwick, Cheryl was bitten by some bug that put her into a somnambulistic state. When the fever passed and she resumed normal activity, the only discernible change in Cheryl was an obsession for learning everything she possibly could about proliferating web technologies and apps and sharing this knowledge with her peers.

Ever since that time, Cheryl (who hails from Trinidad and Tobago, btw) has been getting down in the trenches — researching and experimenting with every intriguing free tool she can get her hands on, reaching out to discover how her fellow librarians are using them, and offering practical guidance to the rest of us through her excellent books and blog posts.

But enough about the author — we know she’s phenomenal. The new book is The Cybrarian’s Web 2, and as the numeral would suggest, it’s a followup to an earlier volume that Library Journal called “essential for libraries of all types.”

The Cybrarian's Web 2

The Cybrarian’s Web 2

The new volume picks up where its predecessor left off, presenting 61 free tech tools that only a cybrarian could love (not really, but I like the phrase). If you want to get a taste of what it’s all about, download this robust sampler which includes a ToC, the foreword by David Lee King, the author’s introduction, and a chapter from the book, among other goodies.

And if you’re attending Computers in Libraries next week you can see Cheryl there (she is presenting on 5/29), congratulate her on her latest achievement, pick up The Cybrarian’s Web 2 at a great price, and have her sign it for you.

Tell her JB sent you. I don’t know if it’ll get you a better discount but it ought to be good for a knowing eye roll.


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Amy Affelt Edison NJ 3.31.15

The Day the Data Scientist Came To Town

I had the great pleasure last Tuesday of seeing one of ITI’s newest authors, Amy Affelt–she of The Accidental Data Scientist fame–when she came to New Jersey at the invitation of NJ SLA to receive the Alice Rankin Award and give a talk (they call it a “lecture”) on the topic of emerging tech trends and the role of librarians.

Amy Affelt Edison NJ 3.31.15It was a terrific afternoon and evening and Amy was extremely well-received. No surprise there. People just seem to gravitate to her. (She’s got “It,” you know.)

I knew from having met Amy at Internet Librarian in 2013 (where we first discussed a Big Data book for librarians), and later during the course of producing her book, that she is a focused, super-savvy, deadline aware (driven?)  information professional with terrific communication and writing skills. However, it wasn’t until this second meeting, which began with a delicious lunch at Harold’s Deli in Edison (not a place for vegans), that I learned how modest, even self-effacing she is.

“What if nobody shows up for my book signing?” she wanted to know.

Hah! The book signing was a resounding success and I am now pronouncing the first-time author as ready for the Bigger Time. Here’s hoping we will all be seeing much more of this wonderful writer, speaker, and librarians’ advocate in the months and years to come!

(Tip: just 3 weeks from now Amy will be appearing at the Computers in Libraries Conference. Don’t miss it.)



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